The NEW Paltalk Rewards Program is here!

All New Paltalk Rewards

After announcing the discontinuation of Props Tokens, we’ve been hard at work preparing the new Paltalk Rewards program for launch. We’re happy to announce that we’ve added more than 20 new fantastic Paltalk Rewards, including free Subscriptions, Sticker Packs, Flair, Color Nicknames, Virtual Credits, and much more!

Free Subscriptions – Unlock FREE Extreme, VIP, and Prime subscriptions

Exclusive Sticker Packs – Get access to sticker packs that aren’t available any other way.

Flair – Accessorize your name with decorative flair. Exclusive to Paltalk Rewards, keep select Flair for up to 1 year.

Color Nicknames – Paint your nickname a new and splashy color

Free Virtual Credits – Earn Free Virtual Credits and send Virtual Gifts

You can earn Paltalk Reward Points in all the same ways you earned Props, like joining a room, getting on cam, and sending Virtual Gifts. Don’t worry – your past streaks and activities are all safe. We have converted your Props points into the new Paltalk Rewards Points (1 Prop = 1 Reward Point), and all your new rewards have been applied. You can also check out our Paltalk Rewards FAQ.

Check out your current rewards progress in the Paltalk Rewards area of our mobile and desktop apps. Enjoy your new rewards!