The All-New Paltalk

Have you heard? The all-new Paltalk is better than ever! If you need help learning the ropes or just want to get the most out of your Paltalk experience, here’s the scoop on awesome new features available now.


With the highlight feature you’ll always know when someone is trying to get your attention in chat. We automatically highlight your full nickname when someone uses it in the chat stream, but you can also set a personalized list of names or phrases to stand out. Never miss a message, no matter what silly names your Pals call you! 

Customize a list of auto-highlighted words by clicking the settings button next to the mic and navigating to the "Chat Room" tab.


My Rooms

Find all the rooms you own, administrate, and follow together in one convenient place under the “My Rooms” tab. (If you don’t see these tabs, select Rooms below “Home” on the navigation menu to the left side of the screen.) Not only does “My Rooms” to help you keep track of all your rooms, but it also lets you join them in a single click!

Select the My Rooms tab to manage or join your rooms.


Zoom Text

If you find that the chat text is too small or light for you to read, we’ve got you covered. There is now the option under the hamburger menu (screen right) to zoom in on the chat so you can see it better. If the text is too big you can always zoom out!

You can resize the text chat as needed.


Who’s Viewing Me

With ‘Who’s Viewing Me’ you can now see who’s checking out your webcam — in real time! You are notified in the bar at the top of the chat section when someone views your webcam, goes live, sends a gift, etc! Check out more detailed stats on your Home page in-app and on your MyPaltalk page on the web. (Only subscription members can see the nicknames that view their webcam or profile, so upgrade today for details!)

Check the top of the chat stream to see who has viewed your cam.


Admin Console

The new admin console allows you to oversee your rooms from one simple place. You can manage admins, your welcome message, users you’ve banned or bounced, and much more! Find the Admin Console under the hamburger menu in the upper right of your screen when you’re in any room you own or admin.

The admin panel helps you manage your room quickly and easily.


Plus, check out brand-new Video Filters! Previously…


Join the Queue

In Paltalk for Desktop Beta, instead of ‘Raising your hand’, now you can ‘Join the Queue’ by clicking on the Waiting button. You can then see your position in the queue on the button text, and can leave the queue by clicking the button again.




We have revamped the Whisper feature to make it even simpler, and reformatted Whisper text messages to make them stand out in the chat so you never miss a message.

Sending a Whisper is easy: type a forward slash in the text chat area and start typing the Nickname of your recipient (you will see suggestions)— then type your message and hit enter to send. Done!



Search Pal List

The old versions of Paltalk had no easy way to find and message your Pals. Now it’s easy! Hit the search button at the top of the Pal List and start typing a Nickname to see matching Pals appear instantly.



Next Video

Another cool feature in the new Paltalk is the Next button on videos. Move your mouse pointer over a video window and click the Next button on the overlay that appears to move to the following video.


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