Let Cupid Strike Through Video Chatting This Holiday Season

Video Chat Room

Gone are the days of finding partners through the traditional meet and date way. Today, with modern technology, people are using the internet to find mates. The internet is flooded with dating apps and video chatting portals, used as mediums to find like-minded people from all over the world. These sites are now the norm to find partners as it is a more convenient, pocket-friendly and fun way to date, not to mention less pressure. Let’s find out more about this technologically-advanced format of finding love to make the festive period a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Video chatting and its increasing popularity

Video chatting has become an excellent platform to stay in touch with family and friends sitting in far-flung places. It is the most real way to reconnect with people you cannot meet personally. Video chatting portals are also a suitable medium for making friends and finding partners. A lot of people, both young and old, use these portals to connect with strangers and sometimes forge a lasting bond.

Its popularity increased drastically during the COVID-19 period when the majority of the population was in isolation sans any socializing or outside interactions. During those dreary and scary days of the pandemic, video chatting apps were a life savior. They were not only used to keep in touch with family and friends, but were also a fun way to meet new people.

What started as only a chatting platform soon turned into an entertainment zone with video chatting apps coming up with unique features to add a fun quotient to chatting. Today, these apps are used for gaming, sightseeing, listening to music, public discussions and a lot more. They have become an integral part of everyone’s life, offering unique ways to stay connected with people.

What makes video chatting so popular?

Video chatting has evolved over the years. From being just a place to chat and talk to people, it has now become a complete entertainment hub. People have virtual bash-ups, movie nights and a lot more on video chatting portals. A lot of people use this portal to find life partners. Let’s find out what makes this portal so popular for finding a partner.

1. Easy on the pocket

Real dating can be quite an expensive affair, even if you plan a coffee date. It would involve the expenditure on traveling from home to the cafe, the food and drinks, and maybe a gift. If the same date is done virtually through any of the video chatting portals, you don’t have to go anywhere or spend on food and drinks. You can brew yourself some coffee at home and be all set for your date. All you need is a good internet connection and a smart gadget to connect.

2. Safe and secure

Meeting someone for the first time can be dicey, with a lot of fraudsters lurking around to nab innocent individuals. You need to do a thorough background check before planning a first date. However, with online dating, there is no fear of being duped or manhandled. You can safely be in your home surroundings and meet people virtually and only once you know the person well enough can you wish to meet them personally.

Also, many of the video chatting portals have very stringent privacy policies that ensure that you are safe even via the internet. Video chatting apps like Paltalk have excellent privacy settings that safeguard your profile and other personal details well. They do not allow strangers to get your information and can terminate or suspend an account in case of unacceptable behavior. Such rules help in making the space safe and secure.

3. Convenient

Virtual dating is extremely convenient as you do not have to plan a date well in advance and book a place to meet. You can simply be in your pajamas at home or stay back in the office after work hours and have a virtual date. No time, money or effort is spent on travel and dress-up. This works out very well for those living in separate cities or countries. You are no longer pining to see your partner for months. You can have a date when you want and for as long as you want. Isn’t that super convenient?

4. Less time consuming

Imagine traveling across town, wading through traffic to meet your partner. By the time you reach your date, you will be tired. And if you have not kept aside ample time, you might be just able to spend a little while with your date. Isn’t it a completely exhausting experience? Now, imagine sitting in your home and reaching your date with just a click of a button. Isn’t it just magnificent! This is what virtual dating through video chatting portals offer. Since no time is spent on travel, you have more time to spend on the actual date, helping you know the person better.

5. Ideal for introverts

If you are an introvert, shy of meeting new people, physical dating can be quite a daunting experience. With online dating, you have the option of maintaining your anonymity till you are comfortable. Video chatting portals like Paltalk offer this facility of complete anonymity till you desire. This eases you out into a budding relationship and gets rid of the awkwardness. Many of the video chatting portals have great ice-breaking features like virtual gifts and stickers too.

6. Wider choice

If you were a part of the traditional dating style, could you have imagined dating someone in Thailand while you were based out of the US? It would be impossible to forge a relationship with someone sitting so far away, owing to the distance. But the internet and technology have melted all physical boundaries. Now, through video chatting portals, you can easily connect with anyone across the globe and forge a lasting bond. Video chatting is as good as it gets for those living far away. You can see and hear the person along with sharing your pictures, audios and videos.

So now, you no longer need to restrict your search for a partner to your town or region. You can meet and date anybody from anywhere. All you need is to meet a like-minded person.

7. Multilingual

Language can be quite a barrier while meeting new people. If you are an Indian in the US, it would be tough to find a similar Indian in your city. However, many of the video chatting portals like Paltalk offer multilingual support, which means that language is no longer a barrier. It offers 17 languages. So if you are not well-versed with English but still want to connect with people on these video chatting portals, you can do so. With Paltalk, you can communicate in the language you desire and connect with a broader spectrum of people.

Novel ways to use video chatting to keep the spark alive

Video chatting portals are great for finding partners. All you have to do is decide on one or two video chatting apps and download them on any smart device. Make a profile with or without your picture. In the profile, mention your interests, likes and dislikes along with the expectations from a prospective partner. After that, you set filters so that you can only see the profiles of like-minded people and before you know it, you will be chatting with many. But besides chatting and finding partners, these video chatting apps offer novel ways to make date nights special to keep that spark alive.

1. Movie nights

Video chatting is not only about talking to the person. With these modern apps, now you can have a movie hall experience. Decide on the movie you want to watch on Netflix and the OTT platform allows you to stream the movie simultaneously. Video chatting portals like Paltalk also have special chat rooms that screen movies for people to watch. All you have to do is join the chat room and ask your partner to do the same. Get along some snacks and drinks to get a complete theatre feel.

2. Game together

If you want to add some adventure and spice to your love life on the virtual platform, try out some fun games. Many video chatting portals like Discord and Houseparty have exciting games that can be played as a couple or with more people. You just need to add the people you would like to join in that game and have an exciting time. These gaming nights can be an excellent way to bust the weekend boredom without stepping out during the cold winter months and with the holiday season coming up, you will have enough time to enjoy these games at leisure.

3. Virtual travel

With the pandemic slowing down lives for all and restricting traveling to a bare minimum, people have not been able to visit places. If you enjoy travel and want to experience it with your partner but don’t know how to get out and about, use the video chatting portals. YouTube has many virtual travel videos that truly transport you to another world altogether. Share such videos with your partner and get ready to explore the world virtually. It will be an excellent activity to do as a couple.

4. Enjoy music and videos

If you like to listen to music, it would be a great idea to share your playlist with your partner and have a virtual musical evening with some drinks and snacks. In fact, Paltalk, one of the leading video chatting portals, has a special feature called MediaPal, where you can post your favorite YouTube and SoundCloud clips in the chatroom and enjoy movies and music together. This can be a great group activity too.

5. Add fun video filters

Add some zing to your date night with funky video filters. These are built-in filters that are a part of many of the video chatting portals like Snapchat. They range from Bohemian style to a casual beach look. Besides these theme-based filters, you can also try out makeup filters that add an instant glow to your face and hide blemishes. You can use these filters to prepare for a date night and make your partner feel special. These filters also come in handy for those impromptu virtual business meetings where you don’t have time to dress up.

6. Exciting sound filters

Just like video filters, many video chatting portals also have sound filters. These change the way your voice sounds. These are also built-in and have pre-set filters. Some of the video chatting apps have the option to create a sound filter. Try out different ones to add some fun elements while chatting with your date.

7. Play around with the backgrounds

Bored of the plain backdrops while video chatting? Worry not, as most video chatting apps have special theme-based backgrounds that can add some colour and flavor during those long love calls. You can go from an azure blue beach backdrop to a lush green meadow one.

8. Send virtual gifts

Video chatting portals allow users to send virtual gifts to each other too. Paltalk has Gifts and Stickers feature that lets you send a gift to anyone. This can be used as an icebreaker while meeting a stranger. You can also use stickers from the collection to make conversations more exciting.

To sum it up

Video chatting is an enjoyable activity to be in touch with family and friends located in far off places. It is the best way to break down the geographical barriers and maintain a connection with people. It is also the modern way of finding partners and enjoying dating. You can use the latest features on most of the video chatting portals to make your love life more interesting and keep the spark alive. So let cupid reign this festive season through the virtual world. Download your favorite video chatting app and connect with people. Who knows, your soulmate might just be knocking on the door.